Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AdWords is 10: Tell 'em your story, my AdWords successful business (hi)story is still being drafted

I entered this; you, too, can upload your story, for posterity:

"I am journalist Marc Guerrero - an exponent of the next "in" thing in media: "Journalism with Compassion."

I do business in Manila and across Southeast Asia as Marc Guerrero Communications Inc.

My startup media boutique is engaged in media management, media marketing communications, advocacy public relations and transformative technologies development.

I am trying AdWords now, actually, for the past few months already. But I am not getting through, Oh so successfully, for some technical reasons as a newby in online advertising.

I believe, however, that eventually (meaning, in the coming weeks, months, years) AdWords will greatly help my media entrepreneurship beyond my business expectations.

Marc Guerrero Communications Inc, in fact, can be the next "Googly" in my part of the globe.

Truth is, I have just blogged about AdWords turning 10 in

It's titled:

"AdWords is 10: Tell 'em your story, my AdWords 'successful business (hi)story' is still being drafted."

AdWords' runup to its 11th anniversary in November 2011 will not be complete without me, my business and my CSRs on its roster."

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